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Phil Dugas

Philip Dugas & Yvonne Cole

Yvonne and Phil have dedicated their lives to bringing about a Center that supports individuals to be free from the constraints of the egoic mind along with supporting the body with optimum health physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Their intention is to support the community and planet as a whole by being a transformation center which increases awareness in ways that result in people moving into a state of health, happiness and freedom from suffering.  Feel free to contact either one of them for additional information. 
Board Members


Alex Bennet

Owner and manager of Mountain Quest and the 450 acres that surround The Lighthouse Center property.  Both Alex and David are committed to supporting others in expanding consciousness.

Dave Walker

David Walker

David Walker is the acting para-legal attorney for the Lighthouse Center along with being a teacher, speaker, coach.

Phil Dugas

Philip Dugas

From an alchoholic teen to becoming a successful contractor and now a teacher, speaker, coach and most recently a co-founder of The Lighthouse Center, Phil embraces life to its fullest. He even squeezes in scuba diving when he finds himself close to the ocean.

Yvonne Cole

Yvonne Cole

In addition to being one of the founders of The Lighthouse Center, Yvonne's studies include exploration into the use of essential oils, The Journey, The Tamescal - Mayan Sweat Lodge technique, Chakra balancing, and the Kundalini Awakening.