The Lighthouse Center Project

The Lighthouse Center Project with Phil and Yvonne

The Lighthouse Center is a facility that hosts the most powerful healing and educational modalities on the planet today.  It is a beacon of light in a world and an active transformation center supporting people to step into a fuller, freer more expanded version of themselves.  The Center recognizes that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  This Lighthouse Center is a template for other centers that will be set up throughout the U.S. and eventually key areas on the planet.  Addressing the planets struggling eco-system requires each of us to address our own internal eco-systems and from that, have those results reflected back as health, harmony and ultimately thriving internally and externally.

We have purchased 12 acres on some of the most pristine land in the United State.  This land is in a thriving ecosystem with a myriad of wildlife, fresh water, powerful vistas and hiking trails.  For those sensitive to energies, it is on a powerful vortex of energy as well and is often described by people attending for the first time as ‘heaven on earth’.  The ground-breaking ceremony is planned for April 22, 2019 for the construction of the facility.  We invite other like-minded people to contribute to this project and be part of the transformational results, both for themselves and the planet. 

We are partnered with the Mountain Quest Inn & Institute which caters to people engaged with inner journey work combined with outer play activity.  They have allowed us to use their $3.5 million-dollar facility while the Center is being built. Their 32,000-volume library, entertainment room, jacuzzi & sauna and 12-theme rooms for overnight stays make for a wonderful family get-away. 

Donations are Tax Deductible

We are seeking donations of time, money and services to complete the Lighthouse Project. All donations are tx deductible (The Lighthouse Center, 83-3750943). Monetary contributions can be made out to The Lighthouse Center. For volunteers, please Contact Us.