The Lighthouse Center

Mountain Quest Inn and the Lighthouse Center grounds

This high-energy location was once a native site for the Cherokee tribe with many artifacts throughout the property found there regularly. It is also 10 miles from largest movable receiving dish in the world requiring radio silence which provides an oasis of relief from EMF pollution.  As a 501 c-3 non-profit status, The Lighthouse Center has the primary goal of supporting individuals moving into a greater awareness of their full potential. By supporting individuals in discovering and giving their gift to the world, they become beacons of light in their own communities, leading eventually to global transformation.  With use of cutting-edge educational materials and processes used in the various workshops provided, transformation is the result.  Below are some of the current activities and experiences that are provided.

  • Free of EMF radio/phone frequencies
  • Deeksha/Oneness Blessing workshops
  • Relationship workshops
  • Aromatherapy & nutrition workshops
  • Located on powerful vortex of energy that is quite noticeable & healing
  • Heavy metal detox program
  • Ancient guided meditations
  • Vision workshops
  • Breath Work/Yoga modalities
  • Reiki & massage

A Healthy Future

Along with powerful transformational workshops, we believe in healthy foods and essential oils for optimum results of physical health which come with the workshops.  We will establish organic farming and have a bio-dome for year-round planting and growing.   Health & wellness is imperative for an individual to thrive.  This includes providing heavy metal and EMF detox programs for the body.   Supporting the individual on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels creates balance and optimum health for the individual and that radiates out to create a healthier planet.  

We also are planning three faraday caged tiny homes which allows individuals to experience being completely free from EMF pollution that has been proven to affect human health adversely.  This is supported by being near the Robert Byrd Green Bank Telescope and exists in the National Radio Quiet Zone area of the U.S.   The radio frequency rules are very strict making the area an oasis of relief for the human body's constant exposure to these invisible waves.