About The Founders

Phil Dugas and Yvonne Cole

Yvonne Cole and Philip Dugas met in an organization called Life Mastery Institute while on a 65-person pilgrimage to Egypt with Mary Morrissey the LMI founder and personal mentor. They met a few days into the trip on Valentine’s Day and have since become engaged. They have both devoted their lives to bringing about The Lighthouse Center and supporting people on their journey of self-discovery.  The biographies below express their dedication to establishing The Lighthouse Center, both the facility and the concept.

Yvonne began studying personal empowerment and self-healing in the early 1980’s with the introduction of Alateen, a program for children of Alcoholics. Her studies continued into her adult life as a member of Al-anon, exploration into the use of essential oils in early 2000 and a myriad of other studies including: The Journey, The Tamescal - Mayan Sweat Lodge technique, Chakra balancing, and the Kundalini Awakening. Yvonne became a certified aromatherapist in May of 2008. She was also introduced to Reiki in early 2012 and obtained Master status in June of 2014. Yvonne recently became a Deeksha Blessing Giver and continues to study and teach self-healing techniques in workshops and one-on-one sessions. She is currently studying to become a certified Life Coach with The Life Mastery Institute.

Phil Dugas began his spiritual journey at the age of 19. As a teenage alcoholic, Phil joined and practiced the 12-step program of AA to end a generational wound that had taken place on both sides of his ancestral line for millennia. Over his lifetime he has gained extensive knowledge about the nature of addiction and how to be free from all addiction.  At 18 he had a full-blown heat stroke from running a half marathon resulting in cardiac arrest for several minutes.  This near-death experience impressed him deeply with an awareness that our 5 senses are very limited.

After building a highly successful contracting business through the practice and implementation of the material he now teaches, his primary focus is in supporting humanity by increasing awareness in various domains.  Starting in 2010, he has been to India several times along with other locations world-wide with experiences that have contributed to being a powerful teacher, speaker and coach.  Powerful processes, various ancient meditation practices and other clearing modalities are some of the experiences introduced to people. As an avid scuba diver, he has seen the degradation of the ocean reefs and understands that to heal the planets eco-systems the internal eco-systems of the individual needs to be healed.

Phil is often on-stage at large workshop events sharing his testimony as to the results of applying this cutting-edge thinking technology that changed his life.  He is currently a Life Mastery Consultant conducting several programs that support others to live a life they love.  Also, as a Oneness Trainer, he conducts two-day workshops at Mountain Quest Institute.  Both he and Yvonne also conduct relationship workshops to support couples in having an experience of transcendent love in their relationships.

Phil and Yvonne are currently writing a book together and participate in the same vision of personal transformation for themselves and others.  They also run another 501 c-3 non-profit called Veterans Into Being Empowered (VIBE) to support our veterans to design a life they love living and to release any emotional scars that often occur with our veterans.  Phil and Yvonne are both veterans themselves and understand the needs that this segment of the population have.