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Lighthouse Center grounds

Lighthouse Center

Beautiful, natural, peaceful, rejuvanating...just some of the ways people describe their experience of the grounds of the Lighthouse Center and the Mountain Quest Inn.
Lighthouse Center Courses

Courses & Programs

Wherever the quest you're on leads you, our courses are designed to assist you in reaching your goals so you can live the life of your dreams. If you're ready - we're here to help.
The Lighthouse Center Project

The Lighthouse Project

As a beacon of light and a transformational center for people and planet, the Lighthouse Project invites other like-minded people to join as we embrace our future and grow the dream. 

Who We Are

Yvonne Cole and Philip Dugas are co-founders of The Lighthouse Center and work in direct partnership with the Mountain Quest Inn & Institute located on 450 acres of pristine land in West Virginia. The Lighthouse Center is being built on 12 acres at Mountain Quest. Plans for the facility are underway; included in the initial design are a movement studio, six treatment rooms, a large kitchen and dining area, 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a lighthouse to represent the beacon of light that we all are.

What We Do

The Lighthouse Center’s mission is to serve individuals in creating a fuller, freer more expanded experience of life. The purpose of The Lighthouse Center is to support global transformation through the teaching offered and through the comradeship developed with participants. The Lighthouse Center offerings are currently hosted at the Mountain Quest Inn; this partnership provides an all-inclusive experience for participants with workshops, themed rooms for overnight stays as well as high vibe, nutritional meals.



Message from Lighthouse Center Founder, Philip Dugas


What We Believe

Our Mission Statement: 
The Lighthouse Center’s mission is to empower people to live a life they absolutely love through the practice of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Core Values:
  • We believe in people's innate gifts and that those gifts want full expression in the world.

  • We believe in growth by achieving our goals and living a life we love.

  • We believe in fun as a key ingredient in being more alive.

  • We believe in Unity based on love & compassion with all beings.

  • We believe in serving our community to support its thriving.